Music Lessons

Our team of music instructors provide lessons in Piano, Violin, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, and Drums.

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Martha´s Music has a very simple philosophy: there is a musician in everyone. Musical appreciation is the basic requirement to become a musician, whether you play an instrument or listen to the radio, we want to help everyone develop the player within themselves. We are striving to help individuals find their inner musician everyday.

Lessons at Martha’s Music are taught by fully accredited professional instructors, one on one, in a private lesson studio. Our Fall lessons will begin September 3rd, 2019, so please call us at (780) 679-0826, or visit us at the store, to enroll yourself or your child. 

Piano – We employ qualified RCM piano instructors with minimum Grade 8 piano and Grade 2 Theory. Piano is recommend for beginner musicians and younger students, as the theory they learn is transferable to all other instruments, making it a great foundation for future studies. 

Guitar & Bass – Our guitar lessons incorporate music theory and traditional curriculum, though are flexible to allow the student to work towards playing songs from their favorite musical influences. All ages are welcome, from beginner to advanced. With Loog 3 string guitars, beginners as young as 5 years old, or even younger in some cases, can begin learning the guitar.

Drums – Our methods of training new drum students is to teach them how to read charts right away, so they can understand the complexity of drum beats they will be learning as they progress. 

Theory – From reading notation to the structure of music, you will gain an understanding of how music works, enabling you to play your best. 

Ukulele – We off ukulele lessons for all ages. Ukulele is a great instrument on its own, and also helps in playing guitar if you decide to make the transition later. If you already know how to play guitar, you will be surprised how easy it is to play ukulele. 

Violin  – Violin lessons with Abigail. Accepting new students September 2018.